or Nihon Koku / Nippon Koku, is an imperial island state in East Asia. The ethnic group of the Japanese, “the people of the rising sun”, represents almost 99% of the country’s population. The main Japanese religions include Shinto and Buddhism.

Japanese cuisine is one of the healthiest and most varied cuisines in the world. This is related to the impressive average life expectancy which is 83 years in Japan. Nowhere in the world is it higher, although there are more reasons for why Japanese gastronomy is becoming increasingly popular.
At AsianFest, we want to show you the best of what this beautiful country has to offer. The section called Tokyo will offer the finest sushi, sake, miso and other delicious dishes. In cultural context, we would like to introduce, for example, traditional Japanese martial arts, calligraphy, origami, or anime.
The Samurai were a warrior caste which served the Japanese emperors as well as other, lower-ranking masters. Their social class withered during the Meiji reform at the end of the 19th century. The Samurai’s descendants, however, still count among the modern Japan’s elite.
Are you interested in robots, anime, samurai, calligraphy, origami or karate? Want to see what a real sakura, kimono or geisha looks like? Have you heard of exotic meals such as gjóza, karé, miso and nattó? Want to taste the finest sushi and Japanese sake? Come to AsianFest then!



We now move from the busy Shanghai to no less bustling Tokyo, where you will be introduced to the best Japanese restaurants.

Great sushi, Saké or the finest Nikka Bars.